Wednesday, February 01, 2006


So my in laws were coming here. First, we have to get a visa for them. Now in most other countries, getting a visa merely requires the applicant to go to the embassy, fill up a form and perhaps show them your airplane tickets. That is not the case here. The potential visitor has to have a local sponsor, to sponsor their visa here. Being expats ourselves, my beloved's company has to sponsor his parents and apply their visa on our behalf. Here.

Now you'd think we could go to the relevant office to apply it ourselves. No no. In his company there is a special department labelled "Government Relations" who deal with such things. And you'd have to deal with them.

There is something about the local culture here that they are adversed about telling you the bad news. So once the offices reopened after the 2 weeks AidilAdha holidays, he spoke to them on the Monday to ask for the visa.

"Insyallah Wednesday," they said.

Of course Wednesday came and they then said, "Well it will be the following Monday the earliest."

La di da.

And there is only one direct flight from KL. Only on Sundays.

So Monday came and we got the letter confirming that their visa has been approved. We faxed that letter back to KL.

In KL, they contacted the Embassy, hoping that they could get the visa stamped on their passports. Opps. No they said, they have not received a letter of notification yet, so they cannot issue the visa.

Huh? Shouldn't all this information be computerized?

La di da. A few more days of frantic phone calls, pacing the floor etc. Finally they got the visa on Friday. Allowing them to fly here on Sunday.

Just so you know, there are no tourists here. Tourists are not welcomed here. And only our respective parents will be allowed to visit us here.