Tuesday, May 05, 2015

I should listen to my daughter more ......

Its May in the desert and the temperature has been rising rapidly.

As we drove into the golf course, the driver pointed out that it was 41oC. Summer was here to stay and the temperature will only keep on rising.

So it was of great surprise to me when my daughter came to me after a round of putting with,"Mommy we should go home quickly! Its going to rain."

But of course, me being the Mommy said, "Don't be silly darling. Its May! its not going to rain! Maybe a sandstorm but not rain!"

"But Mommy! Its not impossible that it will rain right?!"

"Of course its not impossible now that you put it that way. But it is not very likely that it will rain." I told my daughter, confidently.

Well guess what happen later that evening, after I put her raincoat that was hanging at the back of the door in the washing machine??? (I honestly thought that it was impossible that it would rain in May!)

It rained!!

So Dear Daughter, I apologize for breaking a promise I made to you long ago. From now on I promise to listen to you with an open mind and open heart. I do confess that sometimes I do forget. Mommies are human after all.

PS Thanks to Kakteh and her revival of Sentraal Station!