Friday, November 30, 2007

Why do I commit myself to these things?

Here I am blogging when I am suppose to sew 13 tails. Tails? Yes Tails for some mice. Holiday mice. I have no idea where to start or how the tails will look like except it will be between 30 cm to 40 cm in length.

I actually feel somewhat pressured to do this right. I had a nightmare about it 2 days ago!

Why did I volunteer myself to this? I don't know! Apparently I have also volunteered to help set up a website to provide info about living in this city. On top of that I am suppose to update the Guild website which I haven't done. I have said that I will redesign the banner, again I have not done yet.

And I have to start sewing my Challenge quilt which is due in March. I have not touched my sewing machine since it failed to sew the other day. I spent 3 days looking for the manual.

I could start sewing The Little One's memory quilt project. I plan to use her old clothes to make them into a quilt. Maybe if I give up, I may just give those clothes away.

I could properly unpack and put the clothes away instead of chucking them at a corner.

I could declutter by packing away my old and unwanted clothes since I bought a whole bunch this trip.

Not to mention I am suppose to prepare lessons for my students next week. I have yet to find my hole puncher! Its been a week so I'm giving up. Will be buying a new hole puncher as soon as I can possibly drag HIM to the Mall. I so know that I am so going to find my old hole puncher as soon as I buy the new one!

And what do I do? I blog!

Sometimes I miss the other home

Its almost 2 weeks now since we came back and I have been so busy. I've started teaching again. At first reluctantly because I am somewhat rusty but somehow its all coming back to me now. It helps that the rate is pretty good. I do feel guilty when I have to send The Little One away though. All my other projects have come to a standstill because all my free time is spent searching for teaching materials.

Although we have just only came back, I cannot help feeling somewhat envious when I hear of friends and neighbors going away for the Dec holidays. I seem to remember all too clearly our holiday last year. But we are somewhat skint. I had too much fun during the last trip. It didn't help that the USD went to an all time low.

We will probably go away somewhere during the holidays. The plans are not yet confirmed.

Until then I will keep a hope upon hope and a wish that we would get free tickets home.

Whats the likelihood of that?