Friday, November 30, 2007

Why do I commit myself to these things?

Here I am blogging when I am suppose to sew 13 tails. Tails? Yes Tails for some mice. Holiday mice. I have no idea where to start or how the tails will look like except it will be between 30 cm to 40 cm in length.

I actually feel somewhat pressured to do this right. I had a nightmare about it 2 days ago!

Why did I volunteer myself to this? I don't know! Apparently I have also volunteered to help set up a website to provide info about living in this city. On top of that I am suppose to update the Guild website which I haven't done. I have said that I will redesign the banner, again I have not done yet.

And I have to start sewing my Challenge quilt which is due in March. I have not touched my sewing machine since it failed to sew the other day. I spent 3 days looking for the manual.

I could start sewing The Little One's memory quilt project. I plan to use her old clothes to make them into a quilt. Maybe if I give up, I may just give those clothes away.

I could properly unpack and put the clothes away instead of chucking them at a corner.

I could declutter by packing away my old and unwanted clothes since I bought a whole bunch this trip.

Not to mention I am suppose to prepare lessons for my students next week. I have yet to find my hole puncher! Its been a week so I'm giving up. Will be buying a new hole puncher as soon as I can possibly drag HIM to the Mall. I so know that I am so going to find my old hole puncher as soon as I buy the new one!

And what do I do? I blog!

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