Monday, April 03, 2006

Tap Tap Tap

I love grey weather. I love the rain.

It doesn't rain very often here. Even if it does, it doesn't rain very long. But a few days ago, I woke up to a grey sky. And then I heard a tap, tap, tap sound. Its the sound of the rain falling on the rooftop.

And somehow that sound made me so happy.

It reminded me of my teenage days, playing in the rain.

The first few days I arrived in Calgary, all alone in a hostel room.

And the days we were living in London when it was always raining.

I want her to know that the sound of raindrops falling on the rooftops make me happy.

It really does!

Saturday, April 01, 2006


I saw the shutters closing half way.

Uh uh, is it time for prayer already?

Now,perhaps you're thinking I am a pious person who prays right smack on time.

Err no. Not really.

I was at the supermarket, rushing through the isles, grabbing food stuff from the shelves and shoving fruits and vegetables into plastic bags to be weighed.

You see, over here shops are close during prayer times. All the tills will be closed. In the bigger supermarkets you would be allowed to roam within the shops. But not in the smaller shops where you would be asked to leave, and the owner would lock the shop up.

If I cannot pay for my goods before they close for prayers, I would be stuck in there for another half hour. And I wouldn't like that.

So I rushed to cashier no 14. Ready to load my shopping onto the conveyour table.

The cashier signalled me to go to the next cashier.


So I went to cashier 10. And just as I was about to put the items on the belt, the cashier signalled me to go to cashier 14.

And I lost my temper.

"No I am not going there! He told me to come here and now you are telling me to go there. So now which cashier I should go to???"

The two young cashiers looked at each other.

I was really pissed off. They were both trying to push we away from paying for my goods. And I won't have any of that. i refused to be bullied. I bet they were surprised that I shouted in refusal to be pushed around. I am no ping pong ball.

Cashier no 10 relented and scanned my goods.

Don't mess with a crazy woman at the supermarket. And don't you think that just because I am a woman I will be submissive to you.