Friday, April 09, 2010

I am enamoured

Life sometimes bring me surprising turns. Turns that make me sigh with gratitude, "Alhamdullilah."

I have never been much of a water or beach person. I had always seen myself as a mountain girl. Water and the sea just scares me. I stay away from them.

We had talked about this trip semi seriously. I was somewhat interested, only because I like seeing new places and our friend Oi Lin kept telling us how wonderful her trip was last year. Me going was contingent on a few factors, that our friend could get us rooms with special rates and my friend Oilin could come with us. My Dearest could not make it over Spring break as he had to use his leave for his seminar else. So it was to be girls only trip; Amalina, Oilin and me.

Suddenly our friend told us that he could confirm the dates we said we could come. We could not believe it. Oilin had even given up her leave. I had resigned to staying home and meeting friends for coffee.

But it was meant to be. And I am truly grateful. Grateful for the opportunity for me to appreciate another aspect of this wonderful world created for us.

When we arrived at Male airport, we were greeted by the Four Seasons staff and whisked off to the sppedboat. Kuda Huraa is merely 25 minutes away by speedboat. We were greeted by ice cold drinks and refreshing cold hotel, scented with lemon grass. Luxury is about paying attention to the littlest details.

Just 10 minutes on, the steward approached Amalina and asked her if she wanted to see dolphins. She wasn't certain what that means. Dolphins to her are seen either in aquariums or performance shows in amusement parks.

These were wild Dolphins, free as free as they can be in the deep blue sea, the Indian Ocean. They even came up and greeted us. They swam by the boat as we stood eagerly, both nervous and excited.

Very special treat indeed! They wanted us to come! They wanted us to see them.

Then they seem to have announced our arrival to the rest of the inhabitants of the sea because the Pilot Whales came to pay their homage!

This was the first time the Pilot Whales are seen this year! What a wonderful start to our trip! We haven't even arrived at the resort yet!

The water bungalows at Four Seasons Kuda Huraa is amazingly wonderful! I have nothing to say but wonderful things about the marine life around Maldives and the resort.

And I yearn to go back.

Just to give you some highlights of our trip, enjoy these amazing sights.

Jet skiing before sunset. We saw another school of dolphins again.

If you want to see more highlights of our short trip, you can see them here and here.

Yes Maldives, I want to see you again. Till next time.