Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I give myself permission to speak my truth. I allow myself to prosper so that I manifest everything I need, financially, spiritually, physically and emotionally.

And so it is.


Back from Dubai. Recharges, rejuvenated and inspired. Have been sewing furiously for my Challenge Quilt and my demo.

Monday, February 18, 2008


Some keynotes from today's class that I would like to remember:

Forgiveness is the key to freedom, "Would you rather be right or would you rather be happy?"

Perhaps it may be obvious to other people but the coin just dropped on me when I read those words today. Sometimes I feel compelled to correct people or I carry some sort of nagging resentment about some one (or two) about an (unkind) remark being made about me which I thought was not true.

Now I just have to remind myself to forgive them for their ignorance. It is not as important for me to set them right as it is to make myself happy.

With that I am freeing myself from any sort of imagined eyes on my backs. I will no longer care what people think or say of me. What is important is that I am true to myself and that god knows I am being truthful to myself.

I want to be happy. Happy with myself, happy with my life and contented with all that Allah has given me. I will not allow those words come creeping to get me. If the words do come, I will acknowledge them and then set them free again.

I will not criticize others and in turn, I will not criticize me.


I reaaally need to pack and plan my trip for Dubai! I am determined to have a very good time there! And I hope I will give The Little One some wonderful and new experiences! I am excited!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Generosity of neighbours

I walked as fast as I could to the store. The mission, to get 12 cubes of chicken stock. Of course they had absolutely no chicken stock cubes at the store. Passed by 2 neighbours, said brief hellos.

"She looks like a woman on a mission to me," remarked D.

"Yes well I went to get some chicken cube stocks but of course the store had none. I'm just having some company over and needed to make chicken rice."
"Tell you what, why don't you drop by and see if I have some."
Errrr, surely its embarrassing to be usurping your neighbors supply of chicken stock?

But I really want this chicken rice so why not.

We walked briskly to D's house. Pop into her larder and Wallah! I wiped out 8 of her chicken cube stocks!

I was just so touched by her generosity! I couldn't even thank her enough!

"Enjoy them" was all she said.

Note to self: I must get her something nice!


The following day, on our way home back from school, we dropped by M's house to say hello. M is The Little One's best friend in school.

M has been suffering from some fever.

Her mum answered the door and told us that M was much better, thanks very much for asking. She was sleeping at that very moment and we would be seeing her for Kindermusik class the next day.

Just as we were about to leave, M's mum asked me if I would like a box of truffles. She knew I liked the truffles because she had offered them to me previously and I had confessed my weakness for truffles. These are Belgian Cocoa dusted chocolate truffles from Marks and Spencers no less! And apparently M's mum and dad didn't want them anymore!

Sheepishly I agreed to accept them. I didn't know what else to say except thank you!

Note to self: Need to get something nice either for M or M's parents.

What did I do to deserve such generosities? I am just so touched by other people's kindness to me.

Dear Allah, thank you so much for the generosity of my kind neighbors. Thank you for putting me in an environment surrounded by kind and generous people. I hope that I can be a kind and generous neighbor to my neighbors too.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Being far away from home, I am always so grateful that I have friends who consider me family. We were invited to a Chinese New Year lunch. Although I am genetically 50% Chinese, I do not know the Chinese customs or culture as much as my genetic make up. What I know are bits and pieces here and there offered by various friends, neighbours and colleagues.

To my pleasant surprise my Little One received many handsome red packets. I am ashamed to say that I didn't prepare any red packets for the other little ones. Note to self, please prepare some for next year if I do get invited again.

I even received a New Year present, a set of four soup bowls with a red packet inside.

I don't know what I did to deserve the wonderful people I have around me who are always generous towards me and my family. I hope they will always stay with me and enrich me.

If I am doing something right that endear me to them, I hope I will be able to continue to do so.

Thank you Allah, for the wonderful people you put around me. And for the enriching environment you allow me to experience. I hope I will be able to grow to be a better person all the time.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Taking responsibility for yourself

When the words were uttered, I had the greatest urge to write them down. To write them down quickly and clearly because I didn't want to lose them.

"Taking responsibility for yourself."

Some people believe that things happen to them. Others believe, things happen because they made it happen through their thoughts and behaviour.

I have always believed in free will. Don't get me wrong, I believe in predestination as well. Somethings are predestined but how you react to them, what you do are all up to your free will.

I will now watch my words because where words go, energy flow and that goes the same to my thoughts, where my thoughts flow, that is where the energy is directed to flow.

I will remember to be gentle and nurtuting to myself and to others around me.

Because I am solid gold inside, I will be able to do what I put my mind to do.

From today onwards, I have to start cleaning out my clutter inside. It will be tough and I have many issues to deal with. I know I can and I will. So here starts my journey of self discovery.

Sunday, February 03, 2008


I have always prided myself in being adaptable and being open to learning new things. And I have been lucky enough to hangout with friends new or old who taught me a thing or two about life, its challenges and different ways of looking at something.

Tomorrow I will start learning about Reiki and self healing. I know, I know, what stress could I have being a homemaker and stay at home mum? Not being a corporate ladder management etc?

With the arrival of The Little One and her traumatizing beginnings with conventional medicine, I have decided to seek alternative therapies. I have to say that I haven't been brave enough to forgo innoculations altogether. In fact I have to admit that I could not get satisfactory advice on the alternative that I continued with the jabs. I am now looking into homeopathy as an alternative to conventional medicine and has found it effective for The Little One. It is somewhat challenging because I had to import my own medicine and depend on books rather than the consultation of a homeopath.

So tomorrow I look forward to a different sort of alternative therapy.

My child, if you only knew, what I do, the books I buy and read, the food I get, the toys, everything is the best for you. Know that you are loved by everyone around you.