Monday, February 18, 2008


Some keynotes from today's class that I would like to remember:

Forgiveness is the key to freedom, "Would you rather be right or would you rather be happy?"

Perhaps it may be obvious to other people but the coin just dropped on me when I read those words today. Sometimes I feel compelled to correct people or I carry some sort of nagging resentment about some one (or two) about an (unkind) remark being made about me which I thought was not true.

Now I just have to remind myself to forgive them for their ignorance. It is not as important for me to set them right as it is to make myself happy.

With that I am freeing myself from any sort of imagined eyes on my backs. I will no longer care what people think or say of me. What is important is that I am true to myself and that god knows I am being truthful to myself.

I want to be happy. Happy with myself, happy with my life and contented with all that Allah has given me. I will not allow those words come creeping to get me. If the words do come, I will acknowledge them and then set them free again.

I will not criticize others and in turn, I will not criticize me.


I reaaally need to pack and plan my trip for Dubai! I am determined to have a very good time there! And I hope I will give The Little One some wonderful and new experiences! I am excited!


Swahili said...

I thot you've left for Dubai-bring Em to the snow world, its in the mall, convenient kan.Enjoy Enjoy

Is it Reiki that youre pickin all these emotions and self accptance?i went for an intro class once but dnt hv the patience to follow thru.

Ive long loong never care what othrs perceive of me,if I do I wont be here still standing or standing on just one leg.

Swahili said...

oh having said that,if i shrug every comment/s and not take some in, i think i would die young with ulcer ;>

funy the timing of comment entries are all wrong...

ooh walk on the beach,Em like sandcastle rite? Dubai beach is nice (nt awesome but a change nice)