Sunday, February 03, 2008


I have always prided myself in being adaptable and being open to learning new things. And I have been lucky enough to hangout with friends new or old who taught me a thing or two about life, its challenges and different ways of looking at something.

Tomorrow I will start learning about Reiki and self healing. I know, I know, what stress could I have being a homemaker and stay at home mum? Not being a corporate ladder management etc?

With the arrival of The Little One and her traumatizing beginnings with conventional medicine, I have decided to seek alternative therapies. I have to say that I haven't been brave enough to forgo innoculations altogether. In fact I have to admit that I could not get satisfactory advice on the alternative that I continued with the jabs. I am now looking into homeopathy as an alternative to conventional medicine and has found it effective for The Little One. It is somewhat challenging because I had to import my own medicine and depend on books rather than the consultation of a homeopath.

So tomorrow I look forward to a different sort of alternative therapy.

My child, if you only knew, what I do, the books I buy and read, the food I get, the toys, everything is the best for you. Know that you are loved by everyone around you.

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elisataufik said...

send some of the good vibes my way too!!
I need more energy :)