Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cheer up!

The door bell rang at 830 am. Its a bit early I thought. Could it be the maid? When I didn't hear the door being opened I quickly made my way downstairs.

When I opened the door, I found the compound driver holding a plastic bag. I recognize the contents in the bag.

"Madam, your friend from XYZ compound send this one for you."

I graciously said thank you and closed the door.

The Little One was awakened by the door bell. She had been suffering from fever and flu for the past week. She missed all three days of school. I had to forgo my Yoga and quilting classes. The joys of motherhood. She was a little teary eyed.

"Look what Auntie Ev@ sent for you."

She smiled and proceeded to explore the barn and the animals. She made some animal sounds. All is well again.

She even requested to bring the cows to Kindermusik class.

Dear Allah, I am so grateful that I have considerate and wonderful friends who can really make my day and spoil my child. I am just so touched that they think of and for me and my child. The generosity of my friends often humble me.

Visitors to our home often remarked that she has a lot of toys. What can I say, the people around her just spoil her!

For you my dear, may you always lead a blessed life full of abundance. May you always be loved by everyone around you. May you grow to be a sensible, humble, generous, independent and considerate person. May you always be surrounded by people who will care for you, just as they do now.

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ummu-al-hanafi said...

ya allah!!
kak ct
besar dah amanina
hehehee... kawan hanafi tu
lamanyer tak jumpa kak ct
anak nana yg sarah tu pon dah 7bulan skrg
ada rezki kita jumpa...