Tuesday, January 22, 2008

She likes school!

I am happy to announce that my Little One now enjoys school! She stopped crying when I dropped her off this week and even walked in willingly to greet her teacher. My DH was so amazed when he dropped The Little One in school this morning because she walked in all by herself without saying good bye to him.

I am also so grateful that we have a wonderful Kindermusik session going on. The Little One goes on Wednesdays with me and she seems to be enjoying the sessions tremendously. In fact she often asks, "Where is teacher Hanna?"

So much so I have started to sew again and have some time to myself. My schedule is packed jammed full that I just sometimes forget to stop and do nothing! Saturday mornings are for the shopping bus, Sunday for box making/quilting, Monday for Reiki, Tuesdays for Yoga and Wednesdays for Kindermusik. And I have the Guild once a month and Tuesday evenings for Quilting again.

I am so grateful for the full ane enriching life I have and a daughter who is growing into a brilliant gem as each day passes by.


Mme RoSsé said...

yeahhh... she loves school!!!

Swahili said...

Sharing your joy..