Monday, April 03, 2006

Tap Tap Tap

I love grey weather. I love the rain.

It doesn't rain very often here. Even if it does, it doesn't rain very long. But a few days ago, I woke up to a grey sky. And then I heard a tap, tap, tap sound. Its the sound of the rain falling on the rooftop.

And somehow that sound made me so happy.

It reminded me of my teenage days, playing in the rain.

The first few days I arrived in Calgary, all alone in a hostel room.

And the days we were living in London when it was always raining.

I want her to know that the sound of raindrops falling on the rooftops make me happy.

It really does!


NurElsa said...

:-) i love lying on the bed with a good when its raining outside. i love the fresh smell... its raining season here, been raining almost every day, and i love it!!!

glad to see you here often again! *hugs*

elisataufik said...

it was raining over here too.
My kids were ecstatic!! They were like "Yay!! Hujannnn!!!" ..

Lollies said...

the day i left for malaysia it was raining the whole day. it was wonderful. i have always like the rain. cooling and the smell of grass..ahh wonderful. but i can;t remember whetehr there was any grass smell in qatar when it rained

auntylela said...

When it rains, I just laze reading book on bed.
Oh, the rain season is coming up in May and June here.

elisataufik said...

ahhh now I get who 'her' is... :)
I have been wondering.