Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Oil prices went down

Its the buzz. The price of petrol was reduced from 90 cents a litre to 60 cents. Imagine, it normally costs him $105 to pump up his petrol but it cost him only $70 yesterday. How long will this last?

So it confirmed, petrol is cheaper here than water. A bottle of water is still $1.

I haven't written much lately because we've been without the net for ages! Blame it on the weather, the unrealiable internet provider, the phone line that went dead, the techinician who came to repair the line but inadvertently changed the line etc etc etc. Go figure!

And I am still annoyed that not only I can't go to sites that show pictures eg photobucket but now I can't even see the images of the books when I go to Amazon.

I have a few entries swimming in my head and I will write them here for my own future reference:

1. Perception of culture - whats wrong with not having a gender segregated party?

2. Having babies when you're younger vs when you're older - a hot topic indeed on a coffee morning bus

3.Should she get away with it because she is nice?

4. Don't they know how to wait?

Lets hope I will still get internet connection in the time to come.

The hot weather is here to stay. Its been over 40oC for the past 2 weeks. At lunch time today it was 45oC. Yikessss! I wonder how it will be like in August.


Mama Rock said...

You'll have the hot weather all the way to September and July is the worst...the heat is the only thing I dont miss when I left Dxb :)
ps- still rememebr when I had to walk all the way from our apt to the building across bur juman (forgot the name of it)to go to work. the shor walk in summer always give me migraine :(

Lollies said...

ayooo it is so hot here but when I check the net BBC said it;s 35C. I don't believe it at all. Our themometer said it's 44. Aduss nak mandi pun air panas