Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Barcelona... I didn't have the chance to visit thee...

(Not this time anyways!)

I could be in Barcelona right now hanging out by the pool at Hotel Arts, or shopping at La Roca! But here I am stuck still in my apartment! Because my passport is still at the embassy, my visa apparently being processed! Gosh its hard when dealing with incompetence.

But I shall not whinge too much. I shall not think about the wonderful paellas with calamaries and lobsters. I shall not think about staying at a Ritz Carlton Hotel suite. I shall not ponder if I say “Ola!” right or if I will remember any of the Spanish/Galician that I learnt. I shan’t think of the things I could buy at MNG or Loewe.

I need some retail theraphy! ( I could be at Barcelona this very minute!!!!!!! Arggghhhhh)

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