Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Have you ever heard a man being slapped?

Well it was my first experience really. There were seven of us, walking towards the market. My companion was talking to me when she suddenly fell back. I turned round and suddenly heard a loud SMMAAACCKKK!

"You touched me! How dare you touch me!"

"No no I don't know."

Suddenly the street fell silent. The men all came out to look.

My companion picked up her sunglasses and walked towards us.

What happened? We asked. He touched my thighs! He tried to pretend it was an accident but one doesn't just accidentally touch a woman's thighs!

I think he was following us since we got down the bus, remarked one of the ladies.

Well good one! He deserved that slap! Just because she has her hair uncovered she is considered a whore?

Well ladies lets stick together more closely now! Don't go into any shop alone.

I was reeling. I really admired her for her quick reflexes and her strength! I bet the man chose her because she was petite, the smallest in the group. So I asked her what happened. When she felt the hands touching her thighs, she turned round and saw the man walking away. She quickly approached him, turned him round and slapped him as hard she she could on his face. She said that it was all her anger that gave her strength.

To be a woman in this country! Even a trip to the market is full of perils and perverts!

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