Saturday, March 11, 2006


First I counted the days. Then the hours. And now the minutes. The whole household was restless in anticipation of his return.

The weather was surreal all day. The day was covered in dust with a long sandstorm. And the night was covered in rain. With hail no less.

All waiting to greet him for his return.

Its only been a week since he has been gone but it felt too long. Ironically we only knew each other for the last decade. We grew up not knowing each other but somehow I don’t think I can live without him.

I can’t bear to be separated from him.

He almost cancelled the trip but I urged him to go. It would be good I thought. But I miss him so much, wanting to be on his side.

But my love also makes me fearful. What if I get left behind? What if he moves on? What will happen to me? Somehow, reading Elisa’s entry made it worst for me.

All I can do is to pray. Pray for his safe return. Pray for long fruitful lives together. Pray that we will always be happy and will grow together.

Sorry if I am mushy. 15 minutes to go and I’m counting the seconds.

Can’t wait to be in his arms again.

Welcome home honey. You’ve been sorely missed


maRLinda said...

Hello sis sunflora :)
Happy to see you blogging again :) And hopefully your sunshine cepat pulang...

NurElsa said...

u r back. update soon. hope things are well with you :)

elisataufik said...

ehhh... sorry...
didnt mean to scare you with my post..
actually, now, you're making *me* worry lak.. taufik nak gi Umrah naik bas end of the month nih. Hopefully he'll have a safe journey. Insya-Allah, ya?
My mom's coming to tengok me beranak nanti. And After habis pantang we might take a trip to the embassy to register the new baby.
Nanti I email, k?

Lollies said...

i know how you feel.