Friday, July 11, 2008

I want to go hhhoooommmmeee

The little one seemed to be missing home. Don't blame her, its been topsy curvy here. At first we just thought she was tired of being out in the rain.

"Don't worry we'll be home in 20 mins," we assured here.

"Which House?" she would ask us.

"In Br0mley of course," we told her.

"No! I want the other home," was her reply.

Other home?

"In Riiyaad," she said.

She's been missing her friends so badly apparently. Two weeks without regular contacts with other children. I ried to bring her to Gymboree whenever we stayed home to do stuff. But I guess its different than being with other kids who were her friends.

It was also funny how she told the decorator, "This is my house."

It is definitely yours my child. Your future. Your college fund. And may both the house and you prosper together.

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