Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Dreaming of blue fishes

I had another odd dream yesterday. I dreamt I was fishing. (I never went fishing in my life ever.) And I caught myself a small blue colured fish. It was wriggling at my hook and unfortunately I could not remove the fish from the hook myself.

So I sought help from a fellow fisherman. There was another man there, although I could not determine if he was someone I know or a stranger. I told him my problem, and he said he would help me if I promised to watch his rod. His was a much bigger rod compared to mine. I said, I have no problems reeling the fish in if he caught one, I just can't unhook it myself.

And sure enough a big deep blue fish bit his bait and I tried my hardest to reel the fish in. I think I just left it flapping about on the deck.

Then I realised that the boat was moving, and the man who was helping me was no where to be found. And then I realised it was a huge ship, not just a boat.

Any ideas what my dream meant?


Mobilemom said...

hmmm...interesting dream.

Well, as far as I know-lah. Orang tua tua kata..if you dream that you are swimming in a river, sea or pool whatever..means nak dapat rezeki besar or something to that effect. Same if you dream hujan. Anything to do with water.

Here you have fish and water..I pun tak sure. I don't believe so much in my dreams but if I dream of something or incident 3 days in a row, that is something I look out for. It has happened to me. Before I got married to you know who, I had a sign in my dream. Funny how mystical dream works. Hmm..

Lollies said...

Yup..water can mean rezeki. Tapikw ater yang calm lah..yang gelora atau opposite of that.

I suppose kalau mimpi get fish from water and a strange coloured fish pulak tu..bertambah-tambahle lagi rezeki kot..but I am no expert.

CestmoiCK said...

Asyik mimpi pelik-pelik je ni, awak tak basuh kaki sebelum tido ke?? :)

~ lariiiii!!


Sunflora said...

Mobilelum, you dreamt him 3 days in a row? U sure he didn't bring your picture to his bomoh? Tu namanya sampai termimpi-mimpi hehehe.

Lollies. Insyallah hehe kalau betul Alhamdullilah.

Ck ahhh ni pasal tak bangun solat subuh kut :P

mommy@lif said...

hi, just to share my experience. when i was 3 months pregnant, i dreamt of a big fish. my colleague said that i was gonna get a boy. true enough, i delivered a baby boy. and also heard org tua² kata if you dream about water ie river, sea, insyaAllah rezeki besar nak sampai..

Sunflora said...

Alif's mommy,