Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Composition, Framing and my Exilim

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When one compares this picture with the picture above, you can see a huge difference what framing and composition can do to your picture. Having the sun in the picture overexposed it somewhat. Perhaps as Lollies suggested it would be better if one uses a polarizer. But because mine is a point and shoot camera, a polarizer is out of the question and I have to resort to just changing my framing.

Hubby dearest, subscribes to the 2/3 rule in all if not most of his picture composition. Ie the object in focus should not be composed to be right smack in the middle of the photograph but has to be either in 1/3 proportion in the picture.

Adding foreground is also important to add perspective to your photo to give it some depth.

My Exilim is a credit card size camera. I fell in love with it at an IT fair in Singapore a few years ago. I don't normally like to buy big ticket items on a whim, but the minute I saw the Exilim, I was in love.

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But the DC-S2, being the first generation has many limitations. The buttons are a bit small, more suited for the dainty Japanese fingers. The newer generation one has addressed this with a bigger screen and bigger buttons. I would so love to own one but I am hoping that the technology will advance a bit more before spending more money on another one.

Unfortunately, my Exilim has been a source of problem for me when I go through metal detector inspections at airports. Either because the security people were fascinated with my camera, or that it was so small that it made them very suspicious! At heathrow, they had this special cloth that would change its colour if any of your electronics items had come in contact with explosives. That was handy because they could immediately ascertain if my camera would post a security threat on the plane or otherwise.

I had the biggest problem at Frankfurt airport on my way home to London. For some reason the security guy thought that my exilim camera was most suspicious and wanted me to hold me and the camera back, so that he could do "further investigation." HUH? Its just a camera for goodness sake! Luckily there were some nice ladies there. I said, please please don't make me miss my flight! I promise and was willing to cooperate as long as I don't miss my BA flight. (It was one of just cheap discounted tickets, if I miss the flight I'd have to buy a new ticket home.)

The lady was plucky enough to ask the crew if they could hold the plane back for awhile, for her supervisor to return. The crew told her that they would soon leave, with or without me. I think she saw that I was almost crying. Plus they would have to spend more time taking out my checked-in luggage from the bowels of the plane.

The two security ladies looked at each other and told me to go. I could almost hugged them there and then! Thank you soooo much I cried. And quickly ran to the airplane. Who knew such a small handy camera can bring me so much trouble! (Actually perhaps it was my muslim name. I do have a suspicious mind!)

As for my next digital camera, I am still undecided between a newer generation of the Exilim or the Sony Cypershot with the unique rotating Carl Zeis lense.

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Yes MobileMum, I do like my gadgets :)

MobileMum will be flying off to Sydney for her operation. I would like to kindly request all my kind readers to please say a little prayer for her. Hopefully she will go through the operation with success and come back as good as new. May Allah protect you, Insyallah.


Lollies, I don't know if cameras are OK in Qatar, sorry. But here its a no-no. They are so adversed to people taking pictures in public. If you take a picture of a building, they might misunderstand you and acuse you of planning a terrorist attack on the building. If you take pictures of a person, even if it was a woman covered in black from top to bottom, they might even smash you and your camera up! As a result, I haven't done much photography since moving here :(


Lollies said...

you are right SLR would add to the umpphh but having an eye (like your) on what to take is most important.

And I second the 1/3, 2/3 thing even though I don't have it in my though as that technical. But I don't like the subject to be in the middle too much. Even taking picture of monuments, a little of it brings out mystery rather than the whole subject in the frame.

you write more on this, so I can learn too ok. ;-)

Angel Eyes said...

i didn't knw much abt digicam here you see..
what i have right nw is only the olympus camedia..

err.. maybe u shld give me a lesson on this subject SNF?

Yup, will always pray for mobilemom.. she's one great person to knw!

take care

Jane Johan said...

SF, I also fell in love with Exilim the minute I saw it. I've been carrying it in my handbag eversince! So light and so mobile!

Mobilemom said...

Ohh yesss SF...GADGETS "R" US!! Just Love them!!

Thanks for the prayers SF and all. Thank you!! Greetings from Down Under.

jon said...

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Thanks for the great posts...