Tuesday, August 02, 2005

For Empty heart

I really liked that, long drives together, new memories, and holding hands till old age ...
But now I haf to find a way, to get rid of my hurt and d betrayal. Not sure how, still.

By Empty Heart, at 4:01 PM

Dear Empty Heart,

I visited your blog and I understand that you are going through a process of hurting. Yes you are waist deep in the river, your footing feels unsure and suddenly you are at where many rivers meet. The current is strong, and you seemed to have lost your life buoy.

I may postulate what you’re going through, but only you will know how it feels to be in your shoes. I can only empathize and imagine, but nothing beats being there for yourself.

My only humble suggestion to you, if you are willing to accept it, (or you can just throw it out and cast it to the wind), are prayers. Seek guidance from The Creator. Perhaps He has bigger plans for you ahead. Everything happens for a reason. With every pain He gives us, he also gives us joy. With every hardship we all face, He also gives us cause for celebration.

Perhaps He is training you to be strong. To build on your faith. Pray to him and Insyallah He will listen. Doa orang yang sedang dalam kesusahan atau orang yang tertindas itu Insyallah akan dikabulkan Allah. So pray for the best for yourself, for the future of your unborn child and for your husband. Channel every hurt you have into good hopes and happiness for the future. Have faith in Him. He knows best. Although its turbulent times you are going through right now, I hope Allah will give you strength to endure and overcome your hurt and your difficulties.

I am sure you already know whatever you are feeling at the moment will be channelled into your child. You will need to be strong and keep happy thoughts, if not at least for the sake of your child. It is hard. And I know you’re probably thinking, “Easier said than done, you’re not the one who have to shoulder all this pain.” That is probably true.

But all I can offer you right now are good thoughts and I hope words that can make you stronger. The choices you have to make are in your hands. With prayers and guidance from Allah, Insyallah I hope you will be able to make the right decisions for yourself.

Love is important in life. But it is important for your to love yourself first. Be selfish if you must, because only a person who knows how to love herself first, will be able to teach the people around her how to love her. Think for yourself, and think of yourself. And pray. Ask for good things and Insyallah He will obliged.

Some people get the smooth road, while others get the bumpy road. But we all have our own journies to finish. Perhaps your road has been bumpier than others, so take this time to ask your Creator to make things easier for you. He will only test us to the maximum limit he thinks we can take. Obviously He thinks you are a strong person, and therefore has been given a tough test to endure.

Take care and be strong, and my prayers are for you to find peace and happiness for yourself soon. Insyallah.


Kak Teh said...

I dont think I can add more to this wonderful piece. This blogging is wonderful when you can help each other this way - we can remain as faceless as long as we want and yet feel comfortable to talk.

Jane Sunshine said...

How heart wrenching.

NurElsa said...

heartfelt prayers from a stranger...

faux diamante said...

yep, that's it EH, that's the way to do it.

Talk to Him, find solace in Him. The nearer you get to Him, the safer and stronger you will feel, come what may.InsyaAllah

Syabas, sunflora

Empty Heart said...

I've read this the day u wrote it for me. I printed it out just so I could keep reading it when I am offline. I couldn't yet send a reply then ... for I could not find the rite words to say thank u in the deepest manner I want to convey.

What u have written hits me hard in my soul. Sometimes, it takes a reminder, for the answers to all, is already laid out. The disturbed soul would not rest without the words of the Quran. N sometimes, being humans as we are, we tend to forget.

N I thank u my friend, for reminding me .

I did just that these past few days. When I couldn't sleep, I did the istikharah, just to keep me in solace. My prayers goes out to Him. Only then this lil lost soul is settlin down.

And the printout of this blog u wrote ... that too, on my side ..

Lollies said...

and thus I know that you are a good person and a good friend.

Sunflora said...

Kakteh, that coming from you is a huge compliment. Thank you. isn't blogging funny, sometimes we can touch people's hearts and sometimes even hurt them without us realizing it.



Hope it will work out for Empty heart, ya.

Empty heart,
I am actually a melancholic at heart, sometimes too drawn into pain. I am glad the words did help and I wish you good luck :)


Err I think people who actually know me will tell you that I am a lousy friend. I never keep in touch, I never call them up to ask how they are, sometimes I don't even reply their emails. I am a loner and I am kinda stuck in my own galaxy.

But thanks for your kind remarks anyways :) I appreciate it.