Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Kitchen gadgets Galore

Whoah looks like kitchen gadgets strike a chord with many people ;)

Atn, you're already a superwoman :) If you cook, then you will become a super duper wonder woman! ;)

Ailin, Sorry about the broken link. Normally I would test but I was too much in a hurry yesterday. Anyways the link has been rectified. Sorry about that! yes you should get your own ice cream maker! heheheh just need a good cream and fresh fruits! Yummy!

Lilac, Yes the electric can opener please! Hahahah. Maybe it would be a good trade afterall, coz I had always wanted an electric can opener ;) And I have just been reading the "Eat according to your Bloodtype" book and apparently people with my blood type is suppose to avoid soy drinks, tofu and tempe :( Huwaaa i love that stuff!

Leen! Whoaaahh did you get blisters on your hands or what?? Sambal belacan for 100 people?? You are one supersambalbelacanhero! Hmm too bad you're so far away otherwise I can pass some gadgets to you;) Psst of course we never need a pizza cutter but I always thought that its cool! Luckily I don't have one here hehehe Halal pizza hut available and comes already cut ;)

Yes CK I actually have two blenders, one a stand alone blender and one a handheld one. Or perhaps the other one is supposed to be called hand chopper. Both technically I don't need because I already have the Magimix but Oh well :)

Don't know about GLOBAL knife, never heard of it. I guess you'd have to buy it and tell us about it then ;) Err actually I am not sure who Anthony Bourdain is. Wahhh such a gourmet cook you are! *bow*not worthy*not worthy*bow*

Why wait for Feisal to buy it for you? Just buy it and say, "Honey I got us our 5th Anniversary present." I'm sure he can't say anything hehehehee. *batu api sf*

Zaireen, *gulp* I actually did own a bread maker, a Kenwood one, which I had shipped back to Kl before moving here. Yes nothing beats the smell of freshly baked bread to wake you up in the morning, only to find out your dearest had eaten most of it and just left one slice for you :) One of the simplest pleasures in life, homemade bread dipped with rosemary flavoured olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Yummy!

Welcome to my blog, will be excited to visit yours. ;)

Empty heart *ahems* for you the list could be endless (because you can use the baby as an excuse) like a mini blender or chopper to make baby food ;) How about a steamer while you are at it as well? (says she who has not used hers hehehe)

Angel Eyes wah I thought you might own one of those cappucino maker :)

NurElsa, Books! lets not get into those as well hehehe just bought a whole stack yesterday ;)

Babe! Ahhh finally someone mentions the batu giling! I really admire the ladies who use them! My nenek used them. I always wondered, could it be the sweat dripping down that makes the paste from the batu gilling taste delicious? heheheh


CK said...

Me gourmet cook? Jauh panggang dari api, Cik Flora oiiii :) Masak singgang ikan, gulai kunyit lengkuas tu, goreng ikan sikit-sikit tu bolehlah hehe.

Check out Anthony Bourdain. I've only got 2 of his books (and NONE of Jamie's or any other famous cooks out there!)

Nak jugak tengok your kitchen, SF...sure cantik, bersih dan cukup lengkap! Bilalah boleh pi Riyadh eh? :)

*Splash* said...

for pressure cookers, you should get Lagostina. It's EXCELLENT. I love mine's! Kitchen Aid is cheaper if you buy it back in Asia. If I bought mine's here, it would cost like 500 bloody euros!! thank god it's cheaper in Spore or back in Asia for that matter.

*Splash* said...

oh btw, you should also get an electric pepper grinder! VERY chic! and less hassle. i loveeeeeeeee loveeeeeeeee loveeeeeeeeeee it!

Sunflora said...

Ck You & F & Y can come anytime Insyallah as long as you can get your own visa. Unfortunately we can only sponsor visas for our own immediate family. Unless F finds work here of course.

But if you guys plan to do umrah or Haj anytime soon, we can probably arrange to meet up in Makkah Insyallah.

Little Splash,

Heheheh Yes I do own a Cole and Mason electronic pepper grinder. Its a good conversation piece when guests come for dinner. Heard about lagostinas, will keep an eye out for them ;)