Saturday, August 13, 2005

White coffee

What do you expect when you order white coffee? Regular coffee with milk perhaps, or perhaps some Coffee Mate.

Imagine our surprise when the white coffee was served to us, it was a clear almost colourless hot liquid, with a slight bitter taste and sweet smell. Reminds us of a cologne perhaps, or an au de toilette.

So we asked the waiter what it was, that they served us, and we were told that in the Middle East, if you order white coffee, what you will be served is Orange Blossom Water, with hot water added. Apparently this white coffee has its origin in Lebanon, and they call it “Kahwe Baida,” often served after a heavy meal and is good for digestion.

We passed the cup round and we all had a tiny taste of the beverage. Not very popular with our table. But it was an experience anyways.

So if you are in this region, remember to order coffee with milk and not white coffee or you’ll be served with Orange blossom beverage ;)


Spent our Friday afternoon after the prayers having a buffet at a local restaurant, which was on the 77th floor of the tallest building in the city, called Spazio. The atmosphere was very relaxed, we arrived promptly after 1 pm, before the restaurant was filled with noisy children. It was pleasant as we women could take our abayas off, (the mutt@w@s would need to climb 77 floors before they can come to us, which will give the staff some time to warn us women if they came) and even music was played in the restaurant when it wasn’t too crowded. Having music in restaurants and supermarkets is largely a no-no here, music being haram and all. But they did turn the music off when a lot of local families showed up to have their lunch. The management turned the music on again when the atmosphere became quieter.

After lunch we went up to the Skybridge, to view the city. Normally tickets to view the Skybridge would cost RM25, but it was complementary for patrons of the restaurant.

It was very interesting indeed. The city is rather flat, and the roads were fairly empty, this being a Friday afternoon. Too bad I forgot my camera, will try to get pictures off the cameras of my friends.

All in all it was a fairly good lunch buffet, with good company, and there were times when we almost forgot that we were in S@aud| Ar@b|a.


Thanks to NurElsa, Lilac, CK, TheBabeakaBunn, Anon and Lollies for the kind wishes and prayers. Alhamdullilah so far things are quiet. We just hope that things stay that way.


anasalwa said...

your entry at the restaurant reminds me of the time when i was in a boarding school. Everynight, some of us stayed up late to read story books in our beds with a flash light. The girl whose bed closed to the door would clear her throat three times (SOS) to warn us the matron was oon her way. We turned off the flashlight, got into sound asleep position....

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

orange blossom sounds exotic. heh heh ... coffee indeed it was.

anyway, i have this cousin who was posted to the UAE some years ago and came back home. now he's itching to go back for the expat life in the middle east. why is that?

Lollies said...

babe - I think UAE is an OK place to live. more liberal. Correct me sunflora

Yalah take your camera next time. SO I get to see the place too.

I have no idea what orange blossom is

atiza said...

it tastes like orange peel..not to my liking.

d'arkampo said...


U hang on there.

I think i've seen the building before, in the Discovery Channel. aalborg said...

I have really no idea how similar Orange Blossom Water is supposed to taste to coffee...??

NurElsa said...

:D am just glad to hear that things are alright there. Take care!