Sunday, August 07, 2005


Got this SMS.

“Sunflora, Gucci is having sale! 40% off! Polo too! 30% off. All at Kingdom mall.”

Yes I heard about the Mega Sale in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, and the Sales are here as well. After I received the sms, I bugged him to drop me off at the Kingdom Mall. The equivalent of KLCC here. Hubby drop me off with a caution, “You know you can buy anything you want but I want to be there if you’re buying a big ticket item.” I smiled.

Gucci here I come. At first I was disappointed not to see a “Sale” sign outside the Gucci shop. Hmphhhh! But I could see a reflection on the window that said 40% off. Aha perhaps they are having a quiet sale. A quick peek and there wasn’t too many customers. I sauntered in. My heart beating. Pretending to be casual. Urgh! Didn’t like any of the bags on sale. Of course one or two caught my eye but naturally they were not on sale. *sigh* Disappointed, I walked out in a huff.

Next stop, Saks Fifth Avenue. Not as big as the one in New York but enough. The cosmetics area in front was rather empty. No sale signs on display. Slowly I walked towards the handbag section. The familiar salesmen smiled at me. Its worrying when the sales men knows you on sight. It means that you have spent too much time there.

“Hello, how are you?” I greeted him. It doesn’t hurt to be polite to him. At least he would be able to provide a service with a smile.

Sometimes at these sort of places the salesmen can be rather snooty. You know how it is, they access you visually if they think you’re going to spend any money in there. Only if they think you can afford their wares, they will attend to you. Otherwise, they just can’t be bothered.

I used to be terrified of the snooty sales people. But I have learnt that flashing the black amex always help. Suddenly the ice will melt. A smile appears. “What about getting another one Madam?” But a minute ago you looked at me as if I was a stray cat, I though.

“I haven’t seen you a while Madam. Are you alone today?” he said.

“Ah as usual I came to browse myself first. Will tell my friends if the sale is good.” I smiled at him.

“It’s a good time to buy Madam, we have just had further reductions 2 days ago from 40% to 60% off.” He told me.

Argh!! Don’t tell me that!! Perhaps I should wait until they are 75% off?

A Prada bag caught my eye. I touched it, held it, rummaged in it.

“Madam you should stand in front of the mirror and see yourself with it.”

Arghh Danger! Danger! I can see the red light in my head lighting up.

“Madam its only XXX” he said casually.

“Only XXX you said?” I smiled at him.

“Yes Madam, if you consider it was 3XXX before! And its only been two days since we’ve had further reduction. And this is the last piece we have left!”

Erkk! Luckily some other customers walked in. Do I really want to spend that money on another handbag? Not! But the seduction!

Slowly, I placed the bag back on the shelf, and without looking like I was running away, I quickly walked away from the bag.

Before the sale demons decide to haunt me and pull me back. Before I feel a weird magnetic pull, pulling me back to the bag. Before I suffer a moment of temporary insanity and decide that my next breathe is dependant on my acquisition of that bag, I walked out. Quickly. Do I need another handbag? Of course not. Do I want another handbag? Why not? Banish the thought! I told myself.

I thought it was the end of that story but obviously my mind was still tormented by that bag! I woke up the following day recalling my dream from the night before.

I was about to go out somewhere and had a lot of things to carry with me. And I was using a paper bag. “Hmm,” I thought in the dream, “If only I had that bag I saw at Saks today, it would be the perfect size to fit all these things in this paper bags.” Errk! What about the other bags I have? The one I got from Selfridges was too big. The one I got from Florence was the wrong colour. And the rest well, they are not big enough.

I told hubby about my dream. But he was very very very quiet. Perhaps he smirked quietly even. Almost like he didn’t hear me tell the story. Almost like I told him the story in a dream.

HAH! You can’t miss it now can you? LOL

Disclaimer: I know some people feel that if a woman works, she definitely can spend her money on whatever she wants, however she wants to. However, it is always better when someone else offers to buy it for you, with no strings attached.


A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

aaaawww ... flora, i am so proud of you. you resisted temptation.

but you still coulda bought the bag and GIVE IT TO ME!!!!

Sunflora said...

The Babe!

hehehehe I will keep that in mind next time :)