Monday, September 19, 2005

Entries long overdue

Once again I fail to update my blog. Just that so many things have happened lately, so many topics I wanted to blog about just didn't get round or have the time to put my thoughts into words. Will ruminate over them and perhaps but something up in the near future.

Re-reading my own meme was somewhat weird. Perhaps it sounded like I was bragging but I thought it was a fair representation of a life being full of ups and downs. If I sound like I am a spoilt person leading the high life, it actually isn't true at all. Just that we're masochists preferring the road not travelled.

If you guys think my life is interesting(Lollies, NurElsa, Atiza), let me assure you that it is also full of dull moments. Perhaps I just choose to highlight and embrace the interesting parts. You might go to sleep reading about what I ate, what I did do and what I didn't do, especially now. :)

Babe please don't feel like that, life is such that different people take different journies in life. And we all make decisions in our lives base on what we think is right for us. Of course sometimes there is also the element of fate. But there are many things I had to forgo living this life. For example the nonexistence of a career or even the oppurtunity to further my studies. But I am also a believer in being a student of life. For me, I guess the world can be my classroom where I can roam to further improve myself. The downside is, you won't get a certificate when you graduate or pass a test. So it can be hard convincing your employer to employ you base on a nonextistent certificate.

Well I did once upon a time thought about writing my experiences which is why I started this blog in the first place. Whether it will materialize into a book, who knows. I am not that vain to think that people will be willing to buy my book to read about me. The fact that I have some readers to my blog is surprising to me.

Kieli, Ana, Makcik-San, don't worrying about not wanting to accept the baton. I just thought that it would be interesting to read yours. :)

Atn, yes dear you said it right. Nikmat is different for everyone. And I always believe that Allah is always fair, that you may get more of something and less of something else. Which means that in the end, we all get the same things, just in different areas. And the trip round the world is just a dream for now, whether I actually get to actualize that dream, well only if Allah permits it.

And everything in life comes at a cost. Mine comes at a cost of stability and predictability. May sound exciting but it hard to plan for the future. And living with uncertainty does get tiring after awhile.

KakTeh heheh yes good ol' Sainsbury. I do miss it quite a lot! I bet the strawberry season is now over and the apple season has started.

And now I will start blog hopping, something I haven't been able to do much lately.

Thanks for reading.


A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

madame, it was indeed a pleasure.

Lollies said...

oh SF, of course kita tak tulis yg boring2. Whatever for? If I were to write, side by side, about the boringness of looking at the kids everyday and the fact that I enjoy being with them..macam tak best lak. Ha ha

But I'm glad you share your's nice to know the travels and the experiences of other people.

NurElsa said...

i havent started on mine, but will do one of these days. have to recall what happen dulu2 :D

u didnt sound bragging. i for one enjoyed reading it, and made me think of what i can do too if i am just willing to let of go of some fears.

continue to write, please :-)