Saturday, December 24, 2005

Do you want ALL your friends to know your blog?

I was reading this thread from AuntyN and somehow the topic resonates well with me. I have been on a blogging hiatus for a while now partly because I didn’t really have a topic to blog about, or rather I didn’t have any topic to share with the world.

Unlike Arena who had qualms about telling her husband about her blog, mine knew I had one from the very beginning. Well partly because I started blogging when we were living apart, so it was a convenient way for him to know whats going on with me. (Hahahah this a 20th century relationship where a husband has to read the wife’s blog to find out whats going on with her . ;))

My beloved often asked me, so what happens when the people whom you blogged about find out about your blog? My answer had often been, well I am very careful to blog about the people I meet here and hope none of them here find my blog ;)

But I know exactly how AuntyN feel when people closer to you (in physical contact that is rather than emotional ties) find out about your blog. Suddenly all your thoughts have been decoded by you for them to read. In fact for the longest time I was most uncomfortable when friends back home found out about my blog. Funny isn’t it, it was OK for me for the world of strangers to read my blog but it was most uncomfortable when people who actually know me in real life read my blog. (Especially if they are the people you want to bitch aka blog about ;))

So why do I blog? Often it is my place to express my thoughts, which often includes whingeing. And unfortunately it often includes the people around me in the line of fire.

So I try very hard not to post whinny, complaining entries all the time but often its easier for me to express my frustration and anger rather than telling people about my happiness. Why? Partly because I made sure that I do not to appear to be boasting. Perhaps its because misery loves company, but I often find that when people read about your latest shopping spree or conquest, they tend to interpret it as you bragging. And I don’t like to brag.

Apparently by blogging, one can attain new friends and even more disturbing, even enemies (Another blogger will tell you she got herself a stalker!). One reader kindly told me that the person shall not be visiting or reading my blog anymore, to which I replied, if that’s what you wish so be it, to which the other person replied, “Sombongnya!” I was just flabbergasted! What did that person expect me to do? To beg him/her to please please please continue to read my blog?

Just because they’ve read my blog, they claim to know what I am all about!

A few of the fellow bloggers whose blog I read have ceased or paused blogging for now and I’m wandering if I am going through the same path. But I do enjoy reading some of my fellow bloggers’ entries and it seemed unfair to just read their blogs without writing some myself.

Perhaps I will just content with writing fewer entries, whenever I had the time or the train of though to piece words together to form proper sentences ;)


atiza said...

the fewer ppl knows abt our blog, the better actually..

Anonymous said...

totally agree with atiza..
i regretted revealing too much of myself, especially my identity..hence the demise of floating casbah.
i still blog anonymously, though..better that way..kan? kan?

anasalwa said...

Once I heard someone said, "If we don't have anything good to say about anybody, don't say anything at all," but......there is but, bitching is like getting anger/frustration/disappointment out of our systems.It's not good to carry them around. Spit 'em out.
Have a wonderful holiday.

mobilemom said...


It's your blog. You can blog anything you want. Why worry about what people think or say about you or what you blog about? Sometimes, we need to let out our thoughts or what ever that cross our mind.

Take care. Happy New Year.

Trust said...


AuntyN said...

SF, first of all thank you for reading my blog. I am so glad that I have given you an idea to write. Like you I sometimes feel that what I have written is being construed as bragging, but what the heck right? I only hope that what I have written is useful to some, while to those who can't find any wisdom from there shud just take it as light reading or just leave it altogether. I am trying to blog just for myself but it is getting extremely difficult, if you know what I mean :-)

JoKontan said...

"Hahahah this a 20th century relationship where a husband has to read the wife’s blog to find out whats going on with her . ;))."

How true ?!. But mine is the other way around..:-)

Happy Holidays

NurElsa said...

reading ur blog is like another window to see the world for me. i love ur writing and ur insights. never thought that u were bragging pulak!

stay true to urself. write the things that u want to, share with the world ur stories.

marlinda said...

In my situation pulak, my husband created my domain for me. He knew I needed a place to pour out all my creative output *konon-kononnya la...tak creative langsung pon lol*...It would be nice if I could go learn quilting...and no, not all my friends knew about the domain...

p/s thank you for visiting my humble abode the other day :)

Restless said...

I guess it is more of worrying what people might think of you and associating you and bad vibes. But it is more relaxing with people you don't know coz' you come in as a complete package; no face attached, no background informed of. It's freer!