Sunday, December 18, 2005

Reality TV

I guess you can say I am hooked on them. What's the attraction of reality TV you may ask? Perhaps for me is the voyeur aspect of it, how different people say different things to each other, and when push comes to shove, what they actually say there is different from the whispers they had in private.

My first experience of Reality TV was the Big Brother show in the UK. I think the winner's name was Kate, but it was Jade who formed a more lasting impression on me.

Survivor Guatemala

I cannot tell you how relieved I am that Stephanie didn't win. All she can say about her behaviour was, "I play the game the best way I know how." By backstabbing people? She had no qualms what so ever about accepting the rewards that the other competitors shared with her, and what does she do in return? Vote them right out as soon as she can. There is no such thing as loyalty and gratefulness in this person. And the lies she tells them. She defends herself by saying that at the time she was saying something, she really believed it and its her prerogative to change her mind. So be it, but thats why you didn't win girl! Because people can't trust you. You're just a two faced being.

Quotable quote. "With you, you can be the best friend with that person until the tribal council and you'd vote them out."

But perhaps this is more a reflection of me than that of her. I dislike people who are all smiles in front of you, and the minute your back is turned, it all comes out.

"Ohhhhh you're the bestest friend in the world." And then, "I can't stand that woman! She is so clingy!"

The Apprentice

Randall was hired! Good for him. But I was just amazed that he opposed the idea that Mr Trump hired Rebecca as well. Why not, I thought? I guess he didn't want to share the limelight with someone else. Wanted all the limelight and the attention on himself.

All in all, I realize that I don't have the toughness and the hunger that these people have for this sort of success. Does it mean that I am less ambitious? Perhaps I lack the killer instinct to win? To become a millionaire?

I did ask myself if I would ever join The Sole Survivor or The Apprentice and I decided that I probably won't. Aside from the fact that they don't have proper flushing toilets for the survivors, I can't stand all the politicking going about. The changing sides and alliances.

As for The Apprentice? I don't think Mr Trump will hire me. I'm not pretty enough nor tough enough, neither hungry enough.

I like my place at the couch in front of the TV too much ;)


marlinda said...

I really like Amazing Race. Big Brother tu I watched only when there is nothing else to watch hehehe...

atiz said...

i'm not into reality show..seems like manufactured to me.

but would be good if i could participate in the amazing race tho'.

teek said...

in a way...can't help but thinking that maybe "stabbing ppl in the back" is the way to go in survivor. GOtta do anything to win. It's a game anyway. But i'm so glad Steph didn't win!

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

i'll join you depan tv. sambil makan-makan.

dr in the house said...

I have for quite a long not seen any reality show. I used to wait for every Survivor episodes but this time round it wasnt promoted enuff I guess on TV since malaysia is highlighting its own shows.

Yeah many a times, I get confused with the contestents who say that its ok to cheat and be conniving because its the strategy to win. But when they are the ones who are being cheated and cornered, they'd become bitter themselves! how hypocrital!

AuntyN said...

I like Amazing Race the best. The Apprentice tu dulu2 je tengok sekarang tak tgk dah. So far never like Survivor, don't really know why maybe because of the scheming and cheating kut.

Wah lama jugak dah tak datang sini ni.