Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Who's keeping track?

I find the conversation people strike with me really odd sometimes. Is it because they have nothing to talk about or are they just trying to make polite conversation? But it really irks me when someone asks me about somebody else.

"Is so-and-so going for holiday? How long is she going?"

Why ask me? Why not ask her directly?

More annoying most recently I was asked, " I had this conversation this other lady and she was asking if SO-n-SO does not want a child or cannot have a child?"

Why ask me? Why not ask the So-n-SO herself? Why is the other lady asking you and you in turn ask me? Why does she need to know? And plus what is it anyone's bussiness asking all that? What is it to the person asking if the other goes on vacation? What is it to other people if some people don't have children? Is it really any of their business asking? And why am I being involved in all this?

Perhaps I am overly sensitive but perhaps the way the questions are asked made me stand on guard. Because I am asked all these questions about other people, I wonder if they ask other people the same questions about me?

I feel that I am interrogated. I feel like every move I make is being taken note of. I feel that they want a report of my movement. Where I went. What I did. With whom I went with or did it with.

And my first impulse is to run. Run as far away as I can from my interrogators.

Of course in turn I am labelled a snob. Whatever!

I can't live my life on eggshells because I don't want to offend people. So what if they are offended. SO what if I am labelled hermit or outcast.

I will live my life the way I want to and I'll invite people whom I want to hang around with or omit people I cannot stand or cannot understand without guilt.


ann said...

i know what its like to be in your shoe. but i've learn to accept that some people are just more nosy than the rest. my husband and i were labelled sombong by one lady because we didnt turn up for one event for hari raya here. but guess who my 'bestfriend' is now. the same lady who said i was sombong now realised that i'm naturally aloof but I'm a damn good friend. haha. my principle is as long as i dont hurt anybody, people can talk all they want about me. sorry, took a bit of space here. :)

NurElsa said...

sunflora, sungguh lama tak mengomen! i am still your fan, just busy with entah apa2.

my take on this is, as we cant change people, or even expect them to change, let us be the change. once they know that you are not gonna gossip over other ppl private matter, they will stop trying to get you involved in gossiping world, and in turn, the world is a better place! err, at least, our corner of the world...


anasalwa said...

I guess we will meet this type of individuals where ever we go.