Saturday, April 11, 2009

Missing an Editor Lite software and Dongle

My DH bought me the Bernina Aurora QE 440 as a gift after my Little One was born. He knew I've been eyeing it for ages and decided that we should go ahead and get it. To sweeten the deal he bought the embroidery module as well to go with the Aurora 440.

But I didn't open the embroidery module. I've been wanting to test it out but never got round to do so due to many many reasons. Motherhood. Everyday life. Didn't have the space on my sewing table. (Got a new sewing table.) Didn't have the computer to load up the software to go with the machine. Didn't take a project in mind.

Whatever my reasons were, I've left it in the box it came in until yesterday because M@rie called to say that she will be teaching a class on how to use the software.

So I finally opened the box until to find the dongle, and the software missing. Two things needed to make the embroidery module work.

I do accept that it was my fault that I did not open the whole thing right away.

But at the moment my heart is just bleeding. I am upset.

On the other hand, if its meant to be mine, it will be returned to me in other ways?

Life lesson for me, open whatever you buy right away.

In the meantime if anyone is selling theirs cheap, I would consider all offers.

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Joy McD said...

Oh no, oh no, oh no!!! Can you talk to the shop about it? What a shame... I do hope you get it sorted out soon.