Tuesday, March 24, 2009

She is saying grass...

"Did you know that our daughter says grass in school?"

"Grass? What grass?" I muttered, caught by surprise.

"So what do you do when you say grass in school Little One?"

"We thank God for our friends and our food," she answered as she hopped around the kitchen like a bunny.

Bells were ringing a little. Some how saying grace (to us) does have a Christian connotation. Is my child being taught values of a religion which may be different from ours? So how come I didn't blink when they had Santa come to the school and I am somewhat uncomfortable that they are saying grace?

Surely it is a Muslim quality to be thankful and grateful for what we have? Isn't it why we are encouraged to say Alhamdullilah as much as we can?

So we had to ask her exactly what they say when they say grace.

"We say thank you for our friends and our food." Is that all? Anything else?

Its not that I mind her being thankful for her friends and her food. In fact I do encourage her to appreciate and be grateful for what we have.

Just last week she has begun to ask me questions like, "Can we eat pig?"

"No darling, we don't eat pork because we are Muslims."

Should we explain to her more? How much more?

I guess she is telling us it is time for us to teach her more about our faith. She understands that when we hear the prayer call, its "Solat" or time to pray and often asks to pray with us.

I am grateful that she is sent to us not only to bring us joy and strength, but also a reminder such that we can be better people ourselves.

I pray that God gives us the strength and light to teach her the best we can. Not just values of the religion but values that will build the strength of her character that will allow her to make good choices in all aspects of her life.

I would like to think that I am teaching her a world full of unity and similarities and not be afraid of diversity and differences, be it culture or religion.

My daughter, you do put me in a pickle sometimes. It is a precious gift that a person give to another when you make me want to be a better person so I can be a better example for you.

Its tough being a parent! And I am grateful for the opportunity

And most times times it is my little one who is teaching me to be a better parent!


LaurieSue said...

While "saying grace" is just a short prayer of thanks before eating a meal, it is definitely a Christian term. Unless the school is designated as a Christian school, they really shouldn't be using Christian terms. It is a wonderful thing to teach children gratitude, but they should call the prayer something else to show consideration for all the faiths present.

JahRera said...

salam sunflora,

at last i can open this page, will update on the reading.

Just knocking on yr door and leaving a smile on the doorstep.

Joy McD said...

Oh dear! This suprises me considering where you live. If it really bothers you, talk to the teachers. As LaurieSue said, it is a Christian term and public schools here certainly aren't allowed to use it, so as not to offend.
You can also take it as an opportunity to teach her more about what you believe and what others believe, if you think she is ready...
Being a parent does teach us a lot of things! It's not easy, but it is worth it :)