Saturday, June 12, 2004

I so don't get it! Is it a cultural thing that I just don't understand?
The following article is taken from the Arab news.

Camera Phones Stir Controversy
Staff Writer

KHAMIS, 12 June 2004 — A number of parents of high school girls have complained to the school authorities about a student taking photos with her mobile phone camera, reported Okaz. The girl was caught taking pictures of students and teachers without their knowledge and without them being covered.

As the school year draws to a close, many wedding festivities and other social occasions are eagerly awaited, but many people concerned about having their photo taken without their knowledge.

“I attend weddings now feeling tense and wondering whether someone is taking my picture,” says Muna Taib. “It’s really uncomfortable”. Lina Ahmad adds, “Sure, I may be sitting in a public space but there is a principle at stake. No one has the right to take your picture without your knowledge and consent.”

“But then again,” says Muna’s father, “having your mobile phone taken away just because it has a camera raises the question of personal privacy. It may equally be viewed as a violation of individual rights.”

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