Sunday, June 06, 2004

The rest of my clothes came in today.

Hooray. The rest of my clothes and books are now in my house! Allright, all in all the 113 kg cost us £550 and SAR60. Everything looks intact. This place begins to feel more like home.

But we may be packing up to leave again. Who knows. With all the unrest and attack on foreign compounds here, I'd be lying to say that I am not the slighest bit worried.

Such is life. Its never going to be perfect. I was looking forward to trying to live here but apparently they don't want us here. Well apparently they are only targeting "infidels" and Westerners, neither of which we are. But that's besides the point, should they decide to attack the compound where I live and decide to bomb the whole place or randomly spray the area with bullets, whose gonna say we will be protected?

Of course I believe in predestination and Allah's will. But, then again, all these troubles are manufactured by men. Nothing to do with religion or otherwise.

I was hoping to do my Umrah before we leave. But I am not ready. Not this week anyways. I guess it will all be about rezeki, if I am given the invitation to visit Mekah, I will go soon. Insyallah.

I have lots to write, my observations and reflections since my arrival here. And the people I met and the locals.

Will try to make time as soon as I finish unpacking (if I dont need to pack and move again that is.)

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