Monday, December 13, 2004

Watering plants

Perhaps those of you reading this is wandering, how hard is it to water plants?

Well obviously I didn't think it was very difficult myself when I accepted the responsibility of watering a neighbour's plants when they were away. Until I was called to her place, and given an orientation of her plant family members!

She obviously love plants very, very much because she has lots of them in her home. Will count them the next time I am there.

But anyways, she keeps a special pail, several bottles and watering cans of water to water her plants. She informed me that she does not water her plants using water that just came from the tap, but rather keeps water overnight in those special containers I mentioned earlier and uses the water from there to water her plants. She also requested that her plants are watered when there is still sunlight and that they are watered every other day.


So yesterday I went again to water these beloved plants. You see, I am one of those people who have this huge fear of responsibility. I made sure that I didn't miss the every other day bit and also made the effort to go in the afternoon before the sun set.

I really don't know how she would react towards me if she found the plants dying when she comes back!!

After all she had fired 2 maids while I was gone. She can't fire me as a friend can she? Or would she?

She told me that she fired the first maid because the maid was unable to clean. She fired the second because the latter broke some of her beloved tiny crystal animals.

Yes, she is a very particular and exacting person.

So there I was at her place, watering her plants. 15 mins tops I thought. Dumm dee dumm dee dum. OK OK I do have to confess! I used the tap water to water her plants! Well what do you expect!! Its hard work lifting pails and bottles! I just wanted to zip through!

And I over watered the plants!!!! (Or perhaps the plants KNEW and REJECTED the tap water I fed them with!!)

Just as I was about to lock up and leave, I noticed trails of water everywhere on the countertop and on the floor near the plants. YIKES!! I quickly picked up a sponge and tried to sponge off the water from the counter top. OOPpsss too late! Her hand made box is a little wet! Oh dear!

And in the meantime, the water from the potted plants behind the couch is threatening to soak up the couch! The very same couch that they brought with them from Austria!!

So there I was, on my hand and my knees trying deperately to soak up the water before any damage could be done to their couch. So much for my 15 minutes job! I don't even get on my hands and knees to clean my own place! (We have carpets so I'd just vaccuum it.)

And so I thought I am now ready to leave. NOT!

As I was walking down the stairs I noticed more water dripping, slowly creeping down the stairs! Almost taunting me, telling me "Yahahahaha you used tap water! And too much too! And we'll tell the plants' owner you did that!"

Grrrrrrrr. So I took off my slippers, grabbed the sponge and the small watering can to hold the water I soaked up and started soaking up the water on the stairs.

I have just recovered from flu and just small tasks like these was wearing me up!

And I went to bed with a huge headache and my knees click everytime I do up and down the stairs! I don't know if its really related or perhaps its just my own guilt!

Will promise to water the plants only with the designated water next time!

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