Monday, December 06, 2004

Another Day another attack

This time at the US consulate in Jeddah. For awhile now the US consulate in Saudi Arabia has been on high alert. Even the ACS (American Community Services) have been closed permanently until further notice in Riyadh. And this an attack in Jeddah. So far Jeddah has been very much sheltered from the spat of attacks from terrorists. Aside from the shooting of a French man a few months ago, it has been fairly quiet in terms of the terrorist front in Jeddah.

Something brewing

Judging from the show of force form the National guards outside the compound, I did guess that something has been brewing. The tanks that have been covered up all summer, is back on show. And the number of police cars manning road blocks did increase for the past few days. We could also hear helicopters circling in the air for the past two days. They knew that the terrorists are poised for another attack.

I guess its a clear sign that Eid is over and the terrorist have had all the kabsahs and the Eid goodies and are all ready for a fight.

Aren't they suppose to be preparing for Haj?

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