Saturday, November 27, 2004

Another weekend flew by

And this time round I actually managed to do something nice. Invited a friend over for dinner but alas! What was I thinking serving English food to an Englishman? It just so happened that I bought a roast joint the day before and thought that it was rather large for just two people. And since I owe him a dinner and a cheesecake anyways, I thought why not have him over for roast. Hehehe Thursday dinner roast rather than the Sunday variety ;)

After extending the invitation I of course decided that I needed to drop by at this chinaware shop which was having a 50% off sale. That in turn over left me with 1 hour to cook roast. Errkk!

Thank God for Gary Rhodes! Luckily while perusing my newly acquired Rhodes recipe book I found a recipe for a roast that required a much shorter cooking time (20 mins per 600g) rather than the normal 2-3 hrs roasting time. The main difference? To panfry all sides of the roast with butter first until brown and roast the meat at 400 oF.

It was also my first time at making gravy from scratch! Normally I would have just used Bisto! But I didn't see any being sold here. My last attempt yielded a goey mixture. I found out that the secret is in the whisking.

And then there was the matter of the carrots and the cabbage. I seldom have my roast with cabbage so I didn't exactly know what to do with it. Again found the instructions for glazed carrots and cabbage in the Rhodes book. What can I say, £10 well spent!

And its Saturday today. For lunch it will be mushroom and leek fritata with cheesecake as dessert of course!

Am I making you hungry yet?

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