Monday, November 22, 2004

Still on London time

I woke up at noon this morning. So much for "life as normal." I missed yesterday's kick boxing class and today's potluck morning. Hey it would only be 9 am in London! My normal wake up time.

I am slowly bringing back my heart and soul here.

Have been holed up in the villa for the past two days. Did take a 5 mins walk to the minimart to get milk. Of course I was almost immediately reminded where I was when a fellow resident stared at my navel as I walked out of the shop.

Not many navels here to stare at you see. Unlike London when you can see 3 navels a minute.

Note to self, back to more conservative clothes. Even the ladies will stare here.


What makes one group of men decide that some things are OK for the society while some other things are not? And how is it that these men who decide have access to those materials and have the power to prevent others from getting access to those materials?

The censorship here in my opinion is somewhat excessive. Just walk around some shops and you see women being blackened out of box packaging. I remember going to Marks and Spencer here to find that the boxes here have been pasted with large white stickers, the picture of the model wearing the bra has been blocked out.

But what baffles me is that (like my magazine) these bra boxes are meant for the use of ladies. Why is there a need to censor them? Could it be that perhaps they were worried that the salesmen who handled these boxes upon seeing the scantily clad box cover decides that he needs to relieve himself right there? Or worse still, walk around with a hard on while working simply because they saw these images? Are the men here so weak?


My social diary has started. Will be going to another embassy do today. What irks me a little bit is that I would have to be on my very best behavior amongst the dignitaries. Its such an adult function, everyone so formal, so polite, so smiley.

I think I aged by 5 years just as I landed here.

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