Saturday, November 20, 2004

Descent into darkness

As the plane descends, readying itself for landing, I caught a glimpse of the terrain below. It feels like we are descending into darkness. Into an unfriendly, dark place.

It is time. Time for me to shed all my colourful clothes and engulf myself into the darkness as well. Black is the only colour we women are allowed to be seen in public. If the women came into the plane wearing colourful clothes, they arrived in black from top to bottom.

We are all alike. If they would have it, we would all be faceless, voiceless and mindless.

Immigration was much faster this time because I was not a woman traveling alone.

But they saw my magazines through the X-ray. My magazine that show that woman could be any colour and in any clothes they want to be. Of course its the scantily clad ones that caught their eyes. Two were taken away from me!

We were walking ourselves into the net.

It was very difficult coming back this time round. I would have thought that it would be easier because I had more friends here, and I am more settled in.

But it isn't. Not after London. Not after all the freedom I had, roaming the streets alone, going to any place I liked without being harassed, stared at, discriminated against. Not after the movies and the West End shows. Not after the endless numbers of bookstores with all sorts of books in the world, all uncensored, all banned books available.

Till next time London. I look forward to the next time.

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