Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Counting the days

Its a weird feeling really, I still have a few days to go yet before we go back but just the realisation that the flight back draws closer makes me feel a little blue.

But why go back if it makes me so unhappy? Will ponder more about that question later.

Worked on the garden yesterday. All my plants were complaining from my lack of care. My rose bush is plagued by rust. Weeds were and are still everywhere. The lawn needs some mowing and dried leaves everywhere. It is Autumn afterall. It was freezing cold two days ago. I guess its the best way to remind me what the winter is like in London. Freezing cold wind but no snow. I do miss the winter. Even the overcrowded streets of London gets a little bit empty with the onset of the cold weather.

Do I really want to go back?

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