Tuesday, November 02, 2004

My trip to KL

Due to unforseen circumstance, I had to fly to KL on a very short notice. In time to celebrate the beginning of Ramadhan there.

I have to say that I LOVE the pasar Ramadhans! You see, eating places owned by a Muslim are not allowed to open before 3 pm. Thus many chose to open a stall at the Pasar Ramadhan (Fasting month market.) There are others who took the whole month off to operate a stall in one of these markets. Apparently the profit is lucrative.

And I so wanted to eat a lot more things! But I'd have to say I religiously bought fried and wet popiah everyday. Fresh coconut juice. Managed to try amongst other things; tepung pelita, mee rojak, laksa, yong tau foo, ayam perchik, pecal, pucuk paku, kuay teow goreng, sotong bakar, sup tulang, air tebu and Chicken rice from the Chicken Rice Shoppe.

Of course there was more that I wanted to eat but there wasn't time. It was the fasting month after all.

And then I realised how much I missed KL. So much has changed since the past year. And especially Bangi! Bangi has become a booming Malay town. Lots of new housing estates and rows and rows of new shop houses.

I met just a few friends. Friends who were kind enough to show up (Thanks so much Leen!) and friends who we willing to meet up at a short notice.

Did some shopping although not enough. Found buying myself new Baju Kurungs and batik kaftans, things which I was not too thrilled about before. Perhaps its the sign of my age? Or just the environment I am thrusted in since I moved here.

Met up with Danny Bong of course and spent a day or so in KLCC. Had my usual facial and my eye brows trimmed. Hubby remarked that I am leading such a Datinesqued lifestyle. But hey to my defence I only get to do all this once a year!

Did managed to squeeze in Reflexology session while waiting for my hair to be done.

On the whole the trip back was a bitter sweet experience. Made me realize that I should appreciate those that matter. C'est la vie.

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