Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Back in the UK

Its amazing to be back to grey old London. I was practically skipping my way out of the plane into the airport. My husband remarked that he didn't realized that I liked London so much. But we have gone through a lot here and there is a Malay saying that goes, "Tempat jatuh lagikan di kenang." (You'll remember the place where you fell.)

Its also comforting to be able to hear my upstairs neighbours again. The flat above my bedroom and living room is occupied by N and her two children. Apparently N has a new boyfriend now. Its been less than a year that her ex hubby left her and she has had 2 boy friends since. But who is counting?

Of course I immediately went to M&S and Waitrose. This is sad really but I did miss the M&S ready to microwave meals! And I also wanted the GU chocolate mousse from Waitrose and of course the Gurnsey and Jersey milk! (The checkout lady once remarked that this is the champagne of milk!)

Its been grey for the past 2 days. And a little bit rainy of course. And cold.

But I love the fact that I can go out and walk to the High Street anytime I want.

And no one was staring at me because I was walking alone.

I was not harassed. No bearded man tried to greet me with "Hello sister."

I tell ya, the first afternoon I arrived I was behaving like a country bumkin! We just sat at a bench in the Mall and looked at people! Girls walking by in groups wearing hipsters and showing off thair navels (yes even in winter). Families walked together, couples, women and men of course.

I almost thought that there are some in the previous city I was in who made it their life mission to remove joy from the city! Everyone has a scowl there! You can't smile really lest it would be misunderstood and will get you in trouble!

But alas, smell of freedom is wet and damp.

I am so glad to be home!

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