Sunday, June 05, 2005

Casting out to the wind....

You always insinuate that you are smarter and wiser than us. You’ve always let us know that you know a lot, learnt a lot more than us and have done so much more than us. Apparently. Then why are you behaving like a child who has been withheld candy?

When we are having a conversation you refuse to listen. All you want to do is be the center of attention and talk about your family back home. DO we really care about your numerous nephews? Not really. Especially not when that’s ALL you talk about. And especially when you refuse to listen when we were making our plans. And then you claimed that we always left you out. You said you were always the last one to know. THAT’S BECAUSE YOU WERE NOT LISTENING! You refuse to listen when other people talk and only want to be the one talking. And when we have made our plans what do you do? You sulk! You balk.

I will not be treated rudely. I will not be spoken to rudely. And I will not be taken for granted. I may forgive you once, twice and even three times. But I will not let this go on forever. I will not allow myself to be treated like a doormat. I do not accept to be treated like a punch bag.

Grow up for goodness sake. Despite you making sure that we are always conscious of how smart and how knowledgeable you are, you always behave like a child. Its cute on a four year old, understandable on a fourteen year old, but on a forty-one year old, its tiring and sickening.

I tried and I tried. I forgot how mean you were, all those things you said to me. I was willing to forgive and forget. But you brought all the memories back. All the hurtful words you said to me.

Life is too short for me to spend it with caustic people with a lost cause. I am tired to be the one trying all the time. I am tired of being the one who gets hurt all the time. Sometimes you don’t even realise your words hurt me. And even when you apologize you weren’t sincere. “I was just trying to make a point,” you claimed. Really? Your point being you are smarter and wiser and that we all must follow what you say? Just because you are older than us? Even though you can be more childish and immature?

Get real. How many times does he need to apologize on your behalf? We really like his company. And perhaps he likes our company too. Does that make you unhappy so? Just because we could just sit and chat and get along? If that’s the case then fine, we’ll stay away. We like his company but you seem to resent that. If it’s a huge resentment for you, then we’ll stay away.

Life is too short to be spent getting hurt and angry. I want to move on, spending my time doing happy and beautiful things, without the hurt and the anger. I want to be spending my time with people who make me happy, not people who hurt me.

If you’re hurting either share or deal with it. But do not abuse the people around you who care about you. Because sooner or later, you’ll offend all of them, and they too will move on.

Life is too short, so get on with it.


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CN said...

tarik nafas, lepas
tarik nafas, lepas
tarik nafas, lepas

cool down dear


atiza said...

how come i didn't see this post when i surfed last night?


lilac said...

Relex sistah.. don't waste yr precious time with such people. Buang karen ajer