Sunday, August 06, 2006

I could have gone . . . .

But I turned down the oppurtunity to visit my old flat.
To smell my lavenders.
To have some fresh Kent strawberries.
To walk around the high streets.
To take the trains and the Underground.
To eat a lot of fish.

My heart wants to go but my head says no.
I have to be sensible with my disbursal
Or risk breaking the bank
And save for a longer trip at a later time
Spreading the hit a little bit.

Of course I want to go!
But my head, my sensible head says NO!
Although my heart is aching
With another oppurtunity missed

Go! Go! Go!
No! No! No!

I used to be able to travel on a whim
Just pack my bag and go

I must be getting old.



mki said...


elisataufik said...

camner nak pegi when the budak kecik doesnt have her passport yet..
sabar je lah.. *hugs*

Sunflora said...

Prof Muhd Kamil, thanks for visiting my blog.

Yes Elisa has answered the question for me.

No passport and the need to conserve funds for the balik kampung trip. Tapi hati nak pegi!! Huwaaaaa.

Lollies said...

itulah diaa sacrificenya. ask me where have i been last few years.

no where