Sunday, July 30, 2006

One of those weeks

No Elisa, I'm not going anywhere.. yet. Just having one of those weeks when I feel sick and tired of this place. The heat is unberable, I feel my skin being seared by the sun's rays. The dryness makes my skin so dry that I get paper burns just as I run my fingers on the detergent box. I feel so trapped indoors. I want to go out but there isn't many afternoon buses because most of the inhabitants of the compounds are away on vacation.

Everyday seems just like the day before. Like Ground Hog day but a much more mundane one.I feel like leaving, going off away elsewhere where I can do what I like, anytime I want without fear of being harassed and contrained by the weird shoppings hours and being so dependent on my dearest when I want to go out.

So I guess I just have to remind myself that someday when I am no longer here perhaps I will miss this place. You guys are lucky there aren't any traffic jams over there. Traffic is horrible here!

I know I am complaining that I feel trapped here but I know when I leave I will miss compound life. If I have any problems, any pipe leaking, the aircon filters need changing, the lightbulbs need to be changed, any machinery breaks down, I can just pick up the phone and call maintenance and before long a guy will come and fix it up and I can just tip him RM5 and he'd be so happy. And the pool is just 5 steps away from my backdoor. And when I'm too lazy to cook I can just call the restaurant and the food will be sent to my doorstep. yes Alhamdullilah to all that. I know I will miss all that but at the moment I am just errrrrkkkkk feeling so trapped! You know like one of those hamsters with a beautiful cage with all sorts of activities!

PS wahh isn't Al Zamil a wonderful place!!! I can spends hours and hours in there! The one here is only about 1/4 the size of the one in Al khob@r!! I am sooooo envious!


auntylela said...

Hari-hari, i tell my hubby that i plan to go somewhere, go grocery shopping, go eating some place but at the end of the day, i am still in the house. Hubby will say, I thought you said you are going out?
I will always say...maybe tomorrow.
Dah malas betul nak keluar, for sure gayanya macam orang tualah klela nie!

elisataufik said...

samalah kita...
the only that changes in this house is waht's cooking in the kitchen.
my only 'trips' consist of walking down the stairs to the fridge to rack my brain abt what to cook.
and hari2 dream abt what to buy on oue next shopping trip.. heh heh

Lollies said...

hmm what a nice compound. look at my surroundings, nothing to miss. except boleh bangun lambat.