Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Thanks and now I'm hypo

Ladies, thank you for your kind wishes.

CK I am no longer hyperthyroidism but instead I now have hypothyroidism.

Its the effect of the medication. My level is now below normal which means I am gaining half a kilo a week. I feel cold all the time. etc etc etc. So I am kinda better already hehe.

Elisa I do like your suggestion getting some more fabric will make me feel better. Unfortunately I haven't been able to do any sewing since I've been off the steroid. And mee kari with kerang? Wow! Hey do you have kerang over there? None here unfortunately.

Lollies dear, don't feel so sad. Well I suppose I've had six years since I lost my mum. And yes I agree that behind every dark cloud is a silver lining. I just couldn't help laughing a little at myself, (tu lah doa mintak kurus lagi! Nak kurus tak perlu excercise tapi makan banyak ingat senang ke?) just that if our parents have a pre existing condition and if its something that can be inherited, we have to be vigilant and take good care of ourselves.

So if my clothes were loose then, now they are beginning to feel tight again. For some reason(actually I read its possibly the side effects of the steroid which the Dr said will take some time to wear off) the weight gain is centered on the center of my body ie stomach. I am just grateful that I can still fit into my baju kurungs because I truly cannot be bothered to have to make new ones.

As Atenah said before excercise, excercise, excercise. Sigh. But going to the gym means I have less time to spend in front of the PC! (Is that a good excuse or what?)

KakLela belikan Pak K jubah style apa? S@udi ke Emiriti? Style S@udi color dia macam baju Melayu atau berkolar macam kemeja. Kalau style Emirit leher dia macam baju kurung johor.


Lollies said...

i pun selalu gak mintak kurus.dan tak exercise. errkkkk

i am sad sebab i terkenangkan my mum. She had diabetics. I takut gak heridetary you know. But thank God I taklah minum air gas banyak sangat if none at all. So everything is a blessing

auntylela said...

Datang nak jawab nie. Belikan dia jubah saudi tapi terlupa bentuk baju kurung johor, so saudi it will be.
Suka tengok org lelaki pakai jubah, yg ada perut nampak level aje.

elisataufik said...

eh, mee kari ala al-khobar lah makcik... letak chicken meatballs aje.. and tauhu goreng.

Sunflora said...

Lollies, your mum was diabetic yea. Its not the air gas dear.. its the rice we eat. And bread. White carbo stuff. Huwaa tu la I too have to remind myself to buy everything whole wheat.

Kaklela baju melayu lelaki johor dia leher macam baju kurung wanita. Bertulang belut.

Elisa chicken meatballs mana dapat? Yang frozen arab ones ke buat sendiri?

Lollies said...

oh mak i yang minum air gas banyak and of course the rest of the stuff