Thursday, July 06, 2006

Mee Kari

Dear Blog,

My husband thinks that this is blog worthy! Yesterday, I made some mee kari. Why is this blog worthy you may ask?

1. I havent cooked anything for the longest time ever.
2. If I did cook I seldom cooked kari.
3. And More seldom that I cook with santan. (except that kuih bakar ;))
4. It was my first attempt at making mee kari.

Now where I come from, I never did eat mee kari when growing up. The first time I tasted mee kari was from the Mak Long's (hubby's) house for one Raya.

However, just a few weeks ago we went to Kak Pip's house and she made for us some mee kari which was yummy! Dengan tak malunya saya makan 2 kali! Once during lunch and one more time during dinner and would have wanted to ta pau more home but was rather too embarrassed because she had her son's friends over that night.

Since Kak Pip has flown back to KL for her vacation I surfed some recipes on Looked at the different recipes and different ingredients, took a deep breath and then warned my hubby.

This will be my first time cooking mee kari so I hope you'll understand if it isn't as nice as Kak Pip's.

My ingredients:

1 red onion
1 stalk of frozen almost dried out bunga kantan
1 frozen and very hard galangal
A few frozen kaffir lime leaves
some garlic
1 pack of small diced lean beef
about 4 table spoons of Adabi Kari Ayam & daging
(half used to marinade the beef)
1 cube Maggi chicken stock
1 cube Maggi Tamarind stock
1 pack of Rasaku Instant Kari Ayam
1 can of coconut milk aka santan

2 stalks of lemongrass fresh from my backyard
1 pack of frozen deep fried tofu

For garnishing
some cut chillies
Beansprouts which I didn't find and replaced with thinly sliced cucumbers


Heat some oil in the pot. Fry the thinly sliced onion until brown. Add in the curry powder, thinly sliced bunga kantan, the gelangal and the lemongrass and fry until fragrant. Add the marinated beef. fry for 2 more minutes then add some water. Add the Rasaku mix. Add the tamarind and chicken cubes. Add the kaffir lime leaves. Let it simmer for a while.

When water starts to boil, add in the coconut milk and turn down the heat. Let it simmer until the gravy thickens.

Salt and pepper to taste.

I used fresh yellow noodles. Here its made by a F/lipina company and the noodles are called milky. Otherwise I believe you can use spaghetti.

wallah! Sunflora's mee kari is ready to be served.

If you're wandering what brought this on? I had origionally intended to make some laksa. I had a conversation with Atenah a few weeks back about eating laksa with half cooked kerang (my mouth is watering just typing this) and has been thinking about it since. And then MedameRosse was telling me that she made some laksa Kelantan. Whoah!!! I've had th craving since.

So, no laksa for me yet. Just mee kari :)

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elisataufik said...

SF jahat jahat jahatttt
now i'm craving for mee kari with half cooked kerang