Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I should always keep my mouth shut

So when I was asked by Elaine how is Nia, I casually answered she is OK except her husband is away again on a business trip. He's gone to Berlin this time round apparently.

"But I don't think its a business trip arranged by the office." Elaine told me.

"Well I don't know I thought it was for work." I replied. (In my mind thinking huh? whats that all about?)

"I think its a personal trip or a very short trip." Elaine told me as a matter of factly.

Ok I thought. Big deal. Its none of my business and I only mentioned it because Nia told me and I didn't quite bothered to get the little details as to why and how long etc he was going. Its none of my business anyways.

You see Nia's and Elaine's husbands work in the same office. The wives used to be quite close and were often in touch with each other. I have been hibernating lately so I didn't know that things have changed between them.

Somehow the puzzle pieces were put in place for me by Nia on a different afternoon.

"You have to be careful with Elaine and her husband. My husband told me that they can't be trusted. He stabbed by hubby on the back...."

Erkk how was I suppose to know that Elaine was fishing for info from me and that things between the two hasn't been brilliant? Both of them obviously haven't touched base with each other lately.

And why is that I get myself into such situations? Why do I answer other people's queries innocently only to find out that the information that I give out is used as incriminating evidence?

I should just hibernate back in my cave again!

This is why I dislike it when someone else ask me about another person. Because inadvertently I apparently add fuel to fire or divulge information that was not supposed to go to the other party.

From now on, I will try to keep my mouth shut. If anyone ask me about anyone else, my answer would be... errr I don't know ... I know nothing. Really. Nothing!


NurElsa said...

ohhh SF, i just encountered a similar scenario at the ofc tadi! suddenly in the meeting, it was casually repeated that i said this and that. i nodded la and said yes. tgk2, it was used to 'basuh' another colleague there!!! i was like erkkkkk!!!!

*i should keep my mouth shut. REALLY.*

elisataufik said...

aiyooohhh masaalah..
ni yang buat I takut nak bergaul sgt dgn orang nih..

Lollies said...

sungguh terperangkap