Saturday, July 29, 2006

Somedays I miss...

Walking along the Thames in the summer.
Sitting at the Starbucks near the Clink,
reading the papers.
Or sleeping at the Tate modern.
Comfortable couch on the second floor.
Having lunch in the church yard
Sitting and waiting on my favorite bench
Undisturbed and not harassed
Feeding the ducks my stale bread.
Walking to Waitrose, in time for the mark downs.
Dinner was whatever that was on discount that day.
Trout, organic salmon, scallops, monk fish
BBQ under my apple tea.
The smell of freshly mowed lawn.

Walking along Causeway Bay
Past the cartoon knick knacks
Buying Seconds at my favourite shop
Where the cashier actually smiles
Buying fresh Tofu at City Super
Taking the elevator down to Jusco if I needed anything
Staying home when there is a typhoon signal 8
Taking the boat for fresh seafood
The feel of fresh clay in my hands
Molding, kneading and shaping
I will always remember those steps
Up that Hill in Central
To The Workshop

The gurame at Pondok Padzi
Having a driver to shuttle me around
Lawry’s at Plaza Senayan

Looking at the Lake that changes color
Depending on the season
Hiking and walking amongst nature
Driving and feeling in control
Feeling cold and the snow

The smell of Laksa in Sogo
Making me hungry even though I’ve just eaten
The Bento boxes at Miyagi
Appointments with Danny
Being pampered at the twins
Pasembur for lunch
Buying roses at Pasar Malam
Seabass steamed

Going to Mustafa at 2 am
Buying tau fo fa and mee rebus
At the market
Hanging out with my girlfriends
Walking in the underground tunnels
Browsing in Spotlight
Ordering Iced Milo in MacDonald’s

One day I will miss this place
So I might as well enjoy and savour what I have.

1 comment:

elisataufik said...

aik?? are you goin somewhere???

haritu I was talking to our friend who was leaving for good. I asked him+wife, "what will you miss about here?" and they said "entah ler.. tak terpikir pulak". Taufik knew exactly what it was: "traffic!".
There are no traffic jams here. (except on the way into the embassy)