Sunday, April 29, 2007

In search of a better life II

A man often sometimes chooses to come here for a job stint sans family because sometimes:

1)his wife does not want to uproot herself and live in a foreign land
2)his children are going to good schools and he refuses to "disrupt" their education
3)his job does not allow for a family visa, the company wants to save some money
4) . . .

Somehow this story really depresses me. A guy had been working here for awhile, alone without his fmaily. He finally completed his contract and went home to spend time with his family.

Five days after he returned home, his five year old son passed away.

Of course I believe in predestination and destiny.

But I often wonder, how worthwhile is it for a family to be split apart for the sake of economy?

I guess for the likes of us who have enough to eat everyday, it is an issue to be pondered and debated upon.

But for those who didn't have the luxury of choice, who did it out of neccessity, what would you do?


Nazrah said...

oh dear...that's so devastatingly sad.

sometimes we think we've made the most informed decision, yet Allah always has a way of showing us our place.i do agree with u though, susah senang, family should stick together, sacrifice and compromise included.

elisataufik said...


I have always been an advocate of keeping the family together, but I understand why some people who come here cannot afford to do that.
It is not for us to judge I guess, everyone makes their own decisions based on their own priorities and values, kan? and we're not in their shoes.
I hope he's okay. Do we know him?

p/s we're planning to se Farah and baby Hanna next weekend. Nak ikut?
p/p/s dah tengok azura?