Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Secret

I've been trying to read about The Secret lately. Trying is the operative word, 10 mins here and there while I'm on the throne or the little time I have in the afternoons when she is taking her nap.

From the little I read, somehow the books makes good sense to me. I did discuss with my beloved about the bits I read and he pointed out that perhaps the contents are really nothing new. That perhaps its no different from the fundamentals of I/s/l/am with "niat" or intent and "dua" or prayer. I didn't disagree with him.

But I do find the book refreshing in terms of reminding me of some things that I perhaps have overlooked or taken for granted.

Personally I sometimes let my own negative thoughts take over me. And worst still some days those negative thoughts snowball clouding my week and even my month. So The Secret helped me to remind myself to keep the positive thoughts.

Just the past week I caught myself when my mind was wandering into negative thoughts again.

Right now I am focusing on how I want the future to be. :)


elisataufik said...

i was curious about this book, but I generally loathe reading self-help books.
So, would you recommend people to read it?

Ghazali B Abd Aziz said...


I have tagged you for Charity ... lets play with it yaaa


I really like about SECRET ... I dah baca habis and dah tgk video dia ... as a matter of fact , yuuppp it is the teaching thought by our Prophet ..

Contohnya ..

Dalm banyak tempat di Al-Quran , Allah telah berfirman (lebih kurang maknanya)

Mintalah padaku, nescaya aku akan menunaikannya ...


CestmoiCK said...


Currently reading the Secret too (haven't managed to get hold of the DVD - which Naz highly recommends to watch!). Another book is Michael Losier's "Law of Attraction".

Belated happy birthday! :) Hope you've had a fun time celebrating with AM and S.

Take care!

(Off to Ganu with Y this weekend)