Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My 18 month comprehends what goes around her

The Little One has been suffering from a high fever and on the fourth day we brought her to the Doctor. After a brief physical he prescribed an antibiotic shot and asked us to come back the following day for a checkup.

SO I brought her back to the hospital the following day and she OK at the waiting area. Once the nurse called out her name and ushered us to the weighing area The Little One started crying. I guess she remembered distinctly the nurse who administered her the shot the day before. I tried to calm her down and managed to do so in the room 4. But once the nurse ushered us to room 2, where she was examined the day prior she started bawling her eyes out and there was no way of consoling her!

As soon as the doctor entered the room she started to point to the door going, "There! There!" Obviously telling me that she wanted out!

So I told her, "AM you have to stop crying. We will leave this room after I finish the conversation with the doctor. I need to talk to the doctor and we will leave as soon as we finish." With that she calmed down a little bit.

So the doctor and I discussed a little bit. Since her fever did not return there was no need for a second injection. The Little One who was sobbing quietly suddenly got a little louder when she heard the word "INJECTION." I had to laugh there and then. I had to explain to the nurse and doctor that she understood "Injection."

So the Doctor obliged by saying, "OK NO injection today."

And the Little One stopped crying. She could even muster "Bye!" to the nurses on the way out!

I really have to be careful what I say and do because she understand everything perfectly and I attribute all this entirely to attachment parenting!

Unfortunately I found rashes on the front and back of her torso in the afternoon. There was none behind her ears. I guess we may have to pay the Doctor a visit again tomorrow. :(

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