Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I have 5 mins

She opened her eyes and uttered, " Sea, sand.... friend."

Were you dreaming of the beach darling? When you were playing with the sand?

We just came back from a short trip to D@ha, Q@tar. We spend Friday at The Four Seasons for brunch and a quick sit down at the private beach. Obviously the 30 mins we spent there had a great impression on The Little One. She had found 2 buckets and a spade by the seats and attacked the sand with such gusto, shovelling the sand into the buckets. When the buckets were full, she overturned them and started over again. It looked like it was so much fun that another girl decided to join her. She asked her mother in Arabic pointing to The Little One and I encouraged her to play.

I encouraged The Little One to share her bucket and spade.

Is that what you dreamed about darling? The friend you made at the beach in Doha?

I hope your life will be filled with more memorable moments.

I have to salute those mothers with multiple children who handles motherhood like a breeze.

I however am trying to cram laundry, lunch, surfing and TV all in one go. Because The Little One is finally sleeping. She missed her nap yesterday and at the end of the day I was so exhausted, I slept at 9 pm. It doesn't help that I gave the help time off. How other mothers survive without help is just beyond me. Kudos to them.

The Little One's birthday is 4 days away and I have decided that this year we will not have a party. I am crap at organizing parties and at the end of the day she received so many toys, some of which I have begun to give away.

I have to say that I am so thankful for The Little One's fortune. She seems to receive gifts throughout the year and at this time of the year she gets the most fabulous gifts from friends and neighbours. I am truly grateful to them for their kind thoughts. I am amazed how many people think of and for her. I hope her good fortune will continue throughout her life, may she always be loved by everyone around her and may her life will always be in abundance.

OK so no party but as parents we have decided that we are on a mission to create happy childhood memories. That little brain is like a magic sponge now. She remembers too clearly the boat ride she took in Langkawi with Wan, Atuk, Umi, Abah, Kak Nayli, mummy, Daddy and Uncle Ajud. The boat ride was the best money we paid out for.

I know I have been digressing. Truth is I still don't know what to do!

Anyways plans are what we have for next year. How many will materialize? We'll see.


elisataufik said...

Happy Belated Birthday AM!!!

Oh my how time flies.

I use to wonder how other mothers managed when i was overwhelmed with Ilham sorang (with help lak tu), and I couldnt imagine how I wuold do it with more kids. But now with 4.. hm.. I learn to tutup mata sebelah and stop counting the grey hairs. :)
Life always find its way I guess.

soalan cepu emas : bila nak datang khobar lagi?

oh btw, we didnt go to riyadh the other day coz we decided to take lollies to fully explore khobar instead.
Do tell me when you're planning to have more excursions, then we'd have an excuse to drive up to riyadh :) I am dying to try jeni's pau.

p/s four seasons - is that the one with filligree domes? DId you get to visit the souq waqif?

atenah said...

life is getting better, i got a maid and internet at home. need to write but am blocked by myself. miss la pulak dat room i bertapa kat us tu

went to yr other blog. smiled when i saw yr sewing room. u dont want to see my study corner.

our 30th of dec was uneventful 2. was thinking of AM and wanted to blog abt dec babies but jan came too soon. sigh